Need Battleborn Friends

Hello Ladies and Gents (Yes I am well aware the female population of gamers is growing). I am looking to find a bunch of people to play Battleborn with. My friends sadly were not interested in this game so I am riding this awesome game solo for the time being.

A tad about me, 28 year old guy, East Coaster but lived in Midwest for 2 years. Work from home and create my own hours so am on PS4 regularly (almost daily) but not one the same time (hence the need for tons of people). I am competent at most video games, except for some reason the new COD which seems to have lost some of the skill associated with the game. I will play with or without mic, if you want to talk I am cool with that if you dont feel like talking thats fine.

Based of the Beta the characters I played with were:
Marquis (Favorite) or Thorn or Melka
Miko or Kleese
El Dragon or Ghalt

PSN: Collinizer.
Add me or leave your PSN. I will be on at midnight and probably all day the first day.

26 from Australia, GMT+8 timezone, played 82 hours of the open beta, main Deande but also play Thorn, Orendi and Phoebe. I have a large growing community, add me and I’ll invite you!

unfortunately I am a xbox/pc player and I can’t add you nor suggest you others with another thread similar we have been posting in. Hope you find a team, mate.

Sent you a request. iPayUrFrenZ is me. I’m also EST.

PSN: NamesAreInane

EST time

I am on daily, but will not be on come the midnight release. I will be picking up my copy towards the end of the day, but feel free to add me. I am decent enough and can do with or without the mic, just depends what mood people are in. Had a friend who wanted me to buy it to play with him (I was getting it regardless) then he bailed on me, so yeah. Looking forward to it.

Midnight for me too man. Add me. Just like my screen name.

Psn- Dasev77

Central time

Feel free to add me. I play Ambra, Marquis, Oscar Mike and Orendi. PSN: MulattoEriction

I shall be on at midnight also! I mainly pvp but also enjoy doing the storyline. I main Ambra so if you’re interested shoot me a message. :3

Psn: OhitsKay

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not sure if you’re aware, but PSN told me I was unable to add you due to your settings

Oh yes, totally forgot about that. Let me change that real quick. I used to do a lot of streaming so I had to turn off fr cause I’d get bombarded by them. Sorry about that!

No problem at all, just wanted to let you know so there was no confusion haha. Hope to see you in-game

I will be on sometime tonight, if your just looking to add more friends who play and have a mic then ad me. I like long walks on the beach and murdering shepherd bots :smile:

SN: DM-4-Life

I’m looking for people to play story and/or pvp also. I’m gunna get on after I’m home from work. I’d like to main kelvin/kleese/boldur cause they were my definite favs in the beta but I am flexible.

Psn: tubaofstealth

Viper9063 is my PSN. Just got the game a couple of days ago and are trying to find some friends as well. So far the only characters I’ve tried out are Oscar Mike and Marquis.

My Psn is Zoh87, add me, if the party I’m in isn’t full feel free to join. I’m level 55 currently and mostly play Ghalt, Whiskey, Oscar, Attikus, Kelvin and sometimes Melka.
I also recommend a “Battleborn Players” community (I think that’s what it’s called, just search Battleborn in communities and it should be at the top) the people I’ve met through it have been mostly great with a very few rotten apples.

Hi there dsclaw! I’ve set up a group on in hopes of finding some regular players to team up with on advanced story, lore challenges and PvP. If you’re looking for a regular group, please check it out and see if it’s up your alley: invite link. Me - I’m a 35 y/o gamer with an FPS/RPG background, just looking for some regulars to help me avoid rando hell in this excellent game.

you can add me if you like.

PSN: flojow_olf

my psn is SIDESWIPE127

I’ll add you asap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

DRUMMER_SAM17 on PS4 add me