Need borderlands 3 friends

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PSN Id ; TheSamWeiss
Time Zone ; CST
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; 6PM -10PM
Mic ; yes
Game/DLC version (Basic, Deluxe, Super Deluxe) ; deluxe I think
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ; all of it
Other information* - ;

add me and will accept when I get home PSN: JayBowdy

Great thanks I added you

Feel free to add me if you like to.

I needs people to play with flak main, but I want to get my other main up fast, to lv 60 if possible. I go as Olesclan on Ps4 so hit me up if any of y’all wanna play with me. I have my flak up, just want my zane up too.

Add me I haven’t played much recently but would hop in for some co-op
PSN: OneAngryKitty
Same goes to anybody else here, I have most Vh’s m10 capable so I can handle any content

Edit for more info: time zone PDT
Online anytime between 4 and 11 pm

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Add me I play all-day. DeadxxEyezz