Need borderlands buddys

I need borderlands Buddy’s iv not many friends that play borderlands my psn is mightyb77 I’ve a op8_ siren and lv 72 gunzerker

Add yourself to this thread if you haven’t and also feel free to send FRs to other people who have posted.

Thanks mater

my PSN ID is bbunnage I could use some help with borderlands 2 and the prequel for the PS4 and Xbox ONE

My psn is tragicwaddingham
I need help defeating Tungsteena Zarpedon sos please help. Been at it for days

hey man I’m on everyday and in the same boat. it’s been so hard to find people to play with. but I’m trying make some friends and just have a chill time. add me and message me anytime. my psn is infested808

I play quite a bit. I’ve got an OP8 commando, 2 72 gunzerkers, and I’m working on getting the rest of my characters to 72 and OP8. I’m always down for leveling, doing missions, farming, or boss killing.

Psn: icerunner45