Need celestial lawbringer class mod. Will trade legendary weapons

I need the celestial lawbringer class mod. I can give Level 70 weapons such as:
Longest Yard (corrosive)
Torrent (cryo)
Hell Fire (fire)
Major Tom
The Zim (cryo)
Bolshy Longtail (cryo, corrosive)
Fatale (cryo)
Magma (fire)
Hammer Buster
And will give other celestial class mods as well
Level 70 celestial gladiator
Level 70 celestial doppelganger

If you wish to contact me I play on PS4 and my psn is TheNewMillsinc. Thank you for your time.

This should be posted in the PS4 trade section.

I’ll notify moderators so they can move it (and increase your odds of getting a reply)

@coolcartsfut You can moonstone grind any 3 purple class mods into a guaranteed Celestial com for whatever character you grind it as.

It takes like 100-150 moonstones and you can get the coms from Iwajira, Moonstone chest, vendors, ect…

The Celestial coms are really easy to aquire.


I have a spare celestial lawbringer class mod. I think its either level 68 or 69. Send message on psn, name is same. If i could check stats on some of the weapons for trade.