Need chaotic evil monk class mod

I’m looking for a blue chaotic evil monk with +6 money shot and +5 asbestos if anyone has one it would be greatly appreciated

Psn mtharrison984

It seems I have the CM at both lv 72 and Op8 :slight_smile: Do you have any Op8 Fire or Shock Baddaboom?

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Unfortunately I don’t think so. I’ll have to check on my other character. Anything else you need if I don’t?

I only have one with no element. I could probably get you one though. I really need that mod

I’ll get you that launcher. So you actually have the chaotic evil monk with asbestos instead of sexual tyrannosaurus?

Just send me a FR, I will help you first when we meet online. Leave the RL later :slight_smile: Psn: orange_teacher.