Need clarification about Hero Keys and Alani


It’s my first time posting here because I need informations about the latest news.

First thing first : Will every PS4 open beta players will have a Hero Key ? Because I played the open beta on PS4 but I didn’t sign up anywhere (Shift account or anything) but, I will have my hero key too, right ?

So, hero keys are usable again if you met the condition for unlocking the character you used your hero key on, right ? For example, if someone rank 10 used a hero key to unlock Ghalt, it will have his hero key again if he does all the advanced story mission with a silver ranking or have a commander rank of 40.
Ok, that’s cool, but what about Alani ? If I use a hero key on her, will I be able to have my hero key back if I pay 47,500 credits for “unlocking” her?

And finaly : I play Battleborn splitscreen with my girlfirend. If I ever buy the season pass, she will have hero keys or not ?


Season pass is linked to the primary account. Nothing will be shared sadly. This makes my wife angry at me as I taunt her with cool skins she can’t get…

Thank you for your answer.

Another reason not to buy season pass then.

No one knows ? At least for the first one ?

I’d like to ask something here. If nothing is shared between accounts, and a season pass is linked to the primary account, does this mean another account on the same console will have to buy the season pass as well to be able to get all the stuff like the primary account? Or is any other account on the console SOL regarding new content?

So, I’ve got the season pass, and will get the new character when it comes out. What about my sister’s account? We play together all the time. Will she not have the same access to the character as I do?

I’d just like to point out that the new characters don’t come from the season pass, just the unlock key and story missions. The actual characters are free (apart from needing a bazillion credits to unlock them).

Regarding the key only working on the primary account, I have not heard this and it would be unfortunate if this were the case.

Yeah, I guess I was technically asking that, though maybe worded incorrectly. I knew that the character is free and I know that season pass holders get a key. It just seems that the wording of one of the replies above indicates that only one account on a console gets the benefit of a season pass. I would very much like this to be clarified.

It would kind of make sense in the aspect of this game. I mean, separate accounts have to unlock characters completely independently of one another. So, it stands to reason that only one account with a key would be able to unlock that character, which would be a shame.

First thing, everyone whom played the beta on ps4 gets a key, yes…
It required you to sign in with your PSN account automatically when playing the beta, so I assume it linked/took note this way.
As for how they will be distributed, I guess we will have to wait and see?

I wouldn’t think the hero key will be usable again. If you use it to unlock a character, that it, it’s done.
I wouldn’t assume it would reappear once you complete the challenges to unlock the same already unlocked character… When it’s been used, it’s been used. One off unlock.

And no, your girlfriend will not get the benefits of the season pass. Only the account that purchased the season pass will recieve those benefits.
Just like with the skins, taunts, etc… Only the primary account that bought them, recieved them. So your split screen player has to look on in envy, unless they too made a purchase…
Which is kinda silly, when you share a primary system… But, that’s how they appear to be doing it.
Edit: your girlfriend should still be able to play the normal season pass content however (levels, chance to unlock new characters), just probably will not recieve the ‘key’ we are discussing.

Hope this helped… And hopefully I’m right with my answers, sure someone will correct me if not.

Unfortunate if true.

A shift code came in the box of the ps4 game, for golden skins, when used, only the player whom redeemed the code recieved access to the skins, despite multiple people on the one system playing the game…

Also with the digital deluxe edition, that included skins, taunts, and a golden pedestal, only the player whom made the purchase recieved the added benefits, despite multiple people on the one system playing the game…

So if we are going off previous experience… The added benefits, appear to only be given to the purchaser, not the extra players on the one console…

It’s odd… As such benefits used to be shared across all players on the one system (at least on PS3)…
I also experienced this with borderlands the presequel (well, handsome collection) on ps4, things didn’t share system wide…
Is this a ps4 thing, or a gearbox/2k ps4 thing… The whole not sharing?

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This makes BOTH myself and my husband really ticked off. Why do they have to be tied to a single shift account for crying out loud?! Oh, yeah, more monies. Next thing they’ll say is that each person has to buy the season pass on the same machine/console if they want to play the new missions too! Gearbox is quickly pushing away a couple of hardcore Gearbox/Borderlands fans, and while that may not matter much alone, we can’t be the only ones becoming angry and left with a bitter taste in out mouths from this news.

Let me guess though, you wait until people use up all their credits on loot packs, then tell us that it’ll require credits to open the new “free” characters, but then, by the release date, I’m sure there will be micro-transactions available to buy credit packs. Like we’re all idiots and are going to pay out more money for the “free” characters, I’m sure. If this is the future of Gearbox we, with great, GREAT, sadness won’t be pre-ordering Borderlands 3, and will probably opt out of future GB games in general. You have no idea how much that pains me to even contemplate, since I still have Claptrap’s Dub Step as my ringtone FFS, that’s how much I adored them.

Now if they change this, I might be singing another tune, but for now, my rage will continue to seethe.


asked this question yesterday to my 2K PR friend and he said:

you can’t unlock Alani with credits after you unlock her with your hero key and get that key back.

This is incorrect. The post about hero keys says:

“Here’s even more good news: Hero Keys are reusable! If you complete the challenge objective or reach the required Command Rank at any time after unlocking a hero using a Hero Key, then that Hero Key will be returned to you and you can then use that Hero Key to unlock another hero.”


Sweet, thanks for correcting me, this is good to know! :slight_smile:

Really ?

Then Hero Keys are just garbage for someone who already have unlocked all the 25 launch characters…

the hero keys are intended for the dlc heroes.
unlocking a base hero is just a added feature for those who haven’t unlocked their favorite character yet i think.

Being the first Gearbox game I’ve played on the Xbox One, this concept is new and ridiculous. Playing the past Borderlands games on the 360, I’m pretty sure the season pass unlocked everything for all accounts on the system, with some compatibility help or something, hence my confusion given this situation. In any case, seems I’m going to be out another 20 bucks for a second season pass.

SO to be clear, today 5/24 when I get home there should be 2 hero keys waiting for me? (One from the Season Pass, and One from the Beta)

Nope. It sounds like we were supposed to get 2, but no. The screen shows I just have 1 key to use. You can use it on whatever character that’s locked though.

Nope, I had two keys. One I used for Alani and the other I used on Ghalt