Need Clarity on Level Cap Increase Plan

I really want Gearbox to outline their plan for level cap increases.

I have enjoyed the game so far, and I am willing to do the grind to get some of the better weapons. But I do not enjoy grinding things repeatedly. I was just about getting to point of having end game gear when the first level cap hit. I hoped that my level 50 gear would still be viable but sadly that is not the case. I would be willing to grind to get my gear back up to snuff but now I am worried that another level cap increase is going to come and again invalidate the current set of equipment.

At this point I am left with the realization that I might be better off waiting until the final level increase hits before I come back and get to the grind. The other option is the you (Gearbox) be very transparent with your plans so I can make an informed choice.


I don’t think they even know yet. They are most likely still looking at the data from this recent cap.

Once they do, a lot of things are going to go wack. I already know next lvl point will have my Fl4k with Megavore and Power Inside and I think it will be a huge push of one way builds for Fl4k. (not all, but most)

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Which is insane to me, but probably true. It’s very strange IMO that this issue was not solved way before release. Like, I personally cannot imagine being in the room and not bringing this up when planning out the DLC releases and ideas for end game. Its one of those things that makes me feel like they don’t really understand what to do for this game’s end game - which is extremely odd given how many other games in the genre they could lean on for ideas.


Just a guess but I think they plan to increase levels every content drought so as to keep players playing sure you might not want to farm again but there are plenty of players who won’t see this is a big deal andare ready to farm, trade and grind repeatedly.


Either way they should be clear with their intentions. I don’t have an issue with people who are happy to grind.

That is just not my preference. All I want to is to know the roadmap.


I totally agree!

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They dont know. They want to keep players playing as long as possible (which is odd to me since this game has no microtransactions, but I guess to buy the dlc) , so they are testing various ways to artificially extend that life time.

I dont know if 3 level cap increases is the way to go though . Honestly I think this will actually make people leave the game earlier rather than later , because aside from extra skill points you aren’t grinding for anything new: just same stuff you had before, only with a meaningless damage increase on the item card


If they do know, announcing it will upset a proportion of people and stop them playing, so they just won’t do that.

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At this point we are all caught in a catch-22.

The last two nights I killed Killavolt for hours on end. Why? So I can get one of the basic items, The Transformer, at level 53. Over time I had accumulated ASE with the different elements. I don’t always use a transformer but it is a pretty basic item and the ASE is necessary. After hours of farming for the ASE I was unsuccessful. I got a bunch of plain ones but none with the right anoint.

I no longer want to do that. If I knew that there were no more level cap increases, or at the least, not one for a long time, I might continue. As is I am done for a while.

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next level cap increase they better put the limited weapons (crew chalange and such) in the lootpool or i’m quiting this game…

now it’s just 3 levels and the gun farmed the DLC for to get a damn decent anointed on isn’t instant trash…

but if they increase the level further… the gun will be absolete and i have to do that ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ all over again???

and yes, i did it the legit way… but clearly gearbox WANTS you to ■■■■■■■ abuse their broken ■■■■! why else would they lock guns away like that?

this is a MAJOR flaw in their current updates… -> lock weapons to 1 per playthrough and then increase levelcap with NO way to get the weapon again (appart from cheating)
just stupid ■■■■■■■■!


Level 50 gear still works at level 53. I just ran Cistern of Slaugher on M3 with Fl4k and mostly level 50 gear last night. Most of it was not anointed either.
I’d like some clarity too, but for opposite reasons. I also don’t expect that they actually have a plan right now, given how this last raise didn’t make many people happy on either side. If this is the plan already, it isn’t going over well so it won’t help to tell people that. If this isn’t the plan yet then they’re just making it up as they go along. either way, they aren’t going to say anything until there’s an increase coming, and then they’ll do the same thing they did this time: Waffle about balance and claim they’re waiting to see how it turns out. There will never be any kind of schedule, because players view that as a promise.

They’re either milking the cap increase to keep people playing between DLCs, or they’re unable to commit to a plan.

And it just took me 10 minutes to kill Graveward with my Amara. So yes I do need an update to my equipment.


While I’m in agreement with your overall thread and point, level 50 gear is mathematically only 30% weaker than level 53 gear; so if GW is taking you 10 minutes I think there’s a lot more at play than 3 levels.

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Strike that; reverse it. :wink:

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Whoops! Good call lol, fixed it.

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now it’s 3 levels… but what when it’s more? what off the weapons you cannot farm?

allmost feels like they forgot about that…

Sounds like you need a better GW killing build. I’m still killing him in seconds with lvl 50 gear at 53 on Moze Fl4k and Zane but I don’t play Amara so I can’t help you there. But I know she has builds capable of doing the same thing.


I hate to be that guy, but if it takes you ten minutes to kill Graveward with anyone then you need to ‘git gud’.

Maybe you don’t understand your equipment enough. I’m guessing you aren’t a long time fan of the series, because your questions about level caps could all be answered by anyone of us that has been. Yes, they will increase the cap. Yes you will have to refarm gear. If they don’t people like me will be unhappy.

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That is great for you.

And I have other characters that can kill him faster. But that is not the point. The point is it went from something this character could to do in a reasonable amount of time to something that took significantly longer. Why because the weapons were no longer as good as they were.

Please do not get lost in your own leetness to miss what the point of this thread is about.


I have a hard time with GW too, I know the mechanics, I know it’s all about hitting the crits but my aim is bad at best… LOL ask my wife.

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