Need Clarity on Level Cap Increase Plan

I simply don’t believe you that you went from killing him in a reasonable amount of time to taking 10 minutes simply from the 3 level increase. It just doesn’t match what I’ve experienced in the game and the reports from many players of how little their performance changed.

That’s fine and nothing wrong with it. But are you blaming that on a 3 level increase?

UVHM, no mayhem. I just killed Graveward with a level 50 Kenulax in under a minute with Amara. Health was half gone before the first corrosive ball attack.

No anointments used. Just a mediocre sniper rifle that’s a mission reward.

Level 50 gear works just fine if you know what’s good and why. 53 is better, but not required.

Lol nice self burn!

I blame it on bad aim, I am more the fire a whole bunch of bullets and hope I hit

I have the same problem, but I blame my suboptimal gaming setup for all failings - Microsoft make a convenient scapegoat!


I’d be very surprised if it WASN’T deliberate (this is Gearbox we’re talking about, lol)

Quiet!!! The Fun Detector will hear you!!!

Don’t worry, I just came back because I made a big ol’ mistake and played on Normal. Setting it to UVHM took close to three minutes with the Kenulax.

So I doubt they’ll be too worried about nerfing the Kenulax.

Update because I was in too much hurry. Closer to three minutes on UVHM. Still a good deal shy of ten, with a gun that isn’t very good.

don’t blame your shortcomings on MS… lol

If you are still talking about what build/gun I was using you are missing the point. Also I was on M4. But again that is besides the point.

To be at end game you need to re-farm your gear. I don’t want to keep doing that. To that end it would be great if Gearbox let’s in on the roadmap.

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the point is that op doesn’t want to refarm the stuff he already have , not he takes 10min to kill graveward.

it really isnt about wether 50 works at 53 or not , its more like getting the better item and nobody want to go through the the exact repeating process again and again.


To be fair, as a game developer there’s a lot of things you don’t find out until it’s out in the public, and you can balance accordingly. I’m sure the devs didn’t expect some of the broken/funny interactions we’ve found out. Controlled playtesting can only do so much.

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wait ive seen this somewhere…

chill lol no one is nerfing the freaking kenulox of all things

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This exactly. The point is that the level cap increase offered almost nothing new in terms of build variety and just made level 50 gear 30% weaker until you get a level 53 replacement. F U N

This quote was from another post I made when commenting on the latest BL show on their explanation of why they raised the cap only 3 levels.
In the video they said raising the cap too high would hurt the game balance and build diversity. And went on to say they don’t have a clear plan on how to prevent this from happening in the future and they were working on a solution to prevent this from happening.
So I’m very confused on why they would increase the cap at all. Especially when they admitted that they know it’s going to cause future problems without having a clear solution on how to prevent them from happening.
Hopefully I’m wrong and the guy from Gearbox was just having trouble explaining what their future plans for level increases were. If you watch the show yourself you will see what I’m talking about.
The only logical explanation I can currently think of is that they raised the cap to engage more players to currently keep playing by refarming higher leveled weapons and gear.
They didn’t give any indication of when or why this cap increase happened so hopefully in the future they will be a bit more transparent on when more cap increases will be released.

Edit; So to answer this I’m not sure they even currently have a solid plan or outline on future cap increases. So I don’t see this happening anytime time soon.

In terms of items interactions and odd bugs, sure I agree. But this really doesn’t fall into that category. This is just having a logical plan for the end game, which is normally a heavy priority to have mapped out in other looters. It doesn’t seem like they have much of an idea of what they want the end game to look like; but I will reserve ultimate judgment until PAX east and Mayhem 2.0.

I mean yeah, I guess it sucks that we don’t know anything but we don’t know anything. PAX can’t come any sooner.

I don’t think they did know before launch. IMO I think Gearbox is being cautious about these level caps to keep game balance.

The fact they didn’t know or it wasn’t intended but the nerfs says a lot about how much they knew at launch.