Need co-op buddies on both games

Anyone want to join me in either game on Xbox one we can co-op or anyone can help me power lvl I would really appreciate it because I sold me xbox 360 with my files on it so I can’t port my saves

GT is ObiWanShinobi83

So what level are you? I have a few LVL 30-40 guys, so i could help you out at least a bit, haha.

Level 51 on Borderlands 2, lol.

I would be lvl 50 but I’m only lvl 7 atm and haven’t started pre sequel yet

Got both pretty high level maxed out on 2

I mean, add me on Xbox if you want, “TheBeeBeenator”, but the other guy seems like a better match since he’s maxed out, haha, good luck man!

I can add both of you after work if that’s OK

akreppin what’s your Gt?