Need confirmation on plasma pulse chargiing overshield

I was checking out hero-specific legendary gear and in the description it says " Charging an ally’s overshield with plasma pulse also heals them" ALSO? Does that mean we can “charge” Overshields with the secondary attack? How does that work and for how long? Anyone use this mechanic? I never knew about it and if it’s true then it makes Reyna just SO much stronger!

You actually charge their regular shield with plasma pluse WHEN they are under the effects of your failsafe (aka overshield.) So you can overshield someone whose shield is depleted and then plasma pluse them a few times so that when the overshield drops their shield is back up. With legendary gear you will heal them at same time.


The link seems to be to the legendary which gives her the ability to heal their health at the same time. It’s very good but you really want Thermal Equilibrium and long watch to make the most of it. I fight almost exclusively with plasma…


Yes it does, but who needs that anyway? If you have an stationary, huge ally like montana or kelvin it does sense, somehow, but most of your allys will be normal sized and will be jumping around like a bag of cats on speed, you’ll spend more time trying to hit them then actively participating in the match, take the left helix option to grabt every receiver +120 shields (+the overshield), this is enough to bypass shield recharge delay, as soon as your overshield runs out their normal shield should be fully charged, instead of ignoring the enemy because your attention is only on the shields of yozr allys, buff them and help em nuke their opponent, overshield to your ally, prio on the enemy, blast your homing (helix lvl 2) pulse cannon into him, and deal +50% dmg (helix lvl 3 mutation) with your lasergun as long as your pulse cannon is overheatet, this is more then enough to assist your team focussing other players, which is your primary role (at least until lvl 8 from there you’re no prey anymore, you’re the predator!) for the first half of the match, never go rushing alone, pick a melee, stay 15-20m behind him and keep him alive, retreat when you get to be the front, don’t waste her in the backrow, thats mikos place, reyna belongs to the middle!