Need diamond key

i am new to the bl3 world and i love this game and i mean a lot just like a few other ppl i know. i have not stopped playing this game since i got it for “free” @epicgames. all the guns and guns and guns…it’s just the best, to me every part of the game is awesome!!! i just don’t understand why it’s so hard or so rare to get a diamond key!!! so i’m asking is it bc i got the game for free or is it bc i don’t have any of the dlc content that i can’t get or find a diamond key??? so far any shift code that the game gave (that i have found) is expired. i just eant to go into that room and be amazed. All the videos i’ve seen of other ppl opening that room looks freaking awesome!!! i still love the game, it’s not gonna stop me from playing it would just be nice to be able to walk in there and pop them walls open. That’s all i got for now, i’m going to eden-6 and take it out on them!!! THE WHOLE PLANET!!!

You have a chance to get diamond keys from levelling up Vault Veteran ranks/cards. This was introduced with the second season pass. although I don’t remember if it was part of the pass or just added to the base game at the same time. Check through your echo tab for details. If you see a third XP bar filling up below your XP and Guardian Rank bars on the HUD, then that’s what it is.

Diamond Keys and the Diamond Loot Room are part of the Vault Cards that are Exclusive to Season Pass 2 DLC.

Diamond Armory is part of base game, but Diamond Keys are available only via Vault Cards (DLC6 aka Director’s Cut) or from Shift Codes. If you have a key you can use it without owning the DLC.

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I have like 11. I’d give you one if they’d let us mail them.

Here’s a code for you: ZFKJ3-TT6FF-KTFKT-T3JJT-JWX36

That’s a code for Golden Key.

Technically the Diamond Armory is not part of the Base Game.

It’s like saying the door in Ascension Bluff was in the base game but only available for people that buy the dlc

The difference is, you can use Diamond Armory without owning the DLC.

But you literally can’t get keys unless Randy gives them out?

It’s the same as Golden Chest.

Diamond key, actually.

Maybe you want to check again, this is what this code gives
shift code


Ahh. Sorry, thanks