Need electric Banjo

I need a electric banjo artifact preferable one with cyro buffs for zane.

will really take any banjo

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after 50 runs on M4 i switched to normal and got it on the fist try from the billes wtf.

Just saw this. Had one in t he bank

It never drops with anything but the set skills. I have one. It is always shock.

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i have one

i can trade it for one of those :

cryo lucian 50% fire ase
shock rowan 50% shock ase
cryo hex 50% fire ase
storm front 50% shock ase

also looking for ice breaker otto idol

I already got one on normal mode after 50 runs on M4

I have the ice breaker otto idol

I am looking for one also if anyone can help… farmed and won’t drop for me …

I still have one.

what you want for it?

add fyqamor on psn :wink:

Anything interesting from new dlc. I really want a lucky 7 with sntnl

Does the Banjo drop with shock damage? I have gotten 6 so far with shock resistance and electric chance.

As noted above, it’s always shock damage/resistance with the chance to shoot an electric arc (that’s what the ‘bullet proc chance’ on the card means.) Electric damage is the initial hit, shock is the electric DoT status affect (that can result from electric damage).

I ment the bonuses on it. All six of mine at lie 29% Electrocute Chance and 20% Shock Resistance. I have seen pictures of ones that have Electrocute Chance and Shock damage but don’t know if those are real.

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The one on the wiki shows shock damage and shock chance. Not at home right now, so I can’t check what mine has on it.

I have two. The one I use has 16% shock damage and 27% chance. The other is the resistance/chance. Farmed them both myself so it does exist and Zane loves it!

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I have on Electric Banjo with +27% Shock chance and 16% Shock dmg.

Looking for Redistributor in shock and corrosion with SNTL and 100% dmg ase.
But you can have it anyway.

Moin, please help me. İ kill this psycho Billys over 50 Times on m3 and m4. Also on normal Mode.
I have some cool stuff. We can Deal also.

Psn : mantikor07