Need elemental Laser Sploders

Trying to find fire, shock, and corrosive specifically for my Gunner if anyone has some to trade. Let me know what you need, my gamertag is Hunter0471.

What do you have? I have a fire laser sploder with 100% dmg on ASE and a corrosive one with no anointment

There’s a handful of things. Are you needing anything in particular?

Radiation recurring hex, fire lyuda x2 anointed with either 125% boss or 100% damage are the main two things I’m looking for

Unfortunately I don’t have any of those…

Do you have anything with either 125%, 100% or anointed siren gear with 250% or 300%?

I have every element laser sploder
Looking for anointed transformer, anointed caustic hive

Crap, sorry. I don’t have either

Are you still looking for the laser sploders?

Yeah, still no luck