Need Elemental Relic

Hey, guys. Just recently got my Sally to OP8, and I’m looking for an OP8 explosive elemental relic with atleast a 33% bonus. 35% would be preferred. I’m willing to trade for it, or farm with you, whatever you want. GT: NickapotamosXB1

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will have to ck when I get home, know I’ve got a shitton of them as that what those little turd LLM’s drop the most of in WEP

why settle for 35%? you want the 39% buff to explosive damage. :wink:

you can get this from the loot train during the Mercenary Day DLC, as I have twice. : ) More than happy to give you one.

GT: Kurtdawg13

Will be on in 30 minutes or so. I’ll message GT when I’m back.

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