Need epic music to play during boss fights

The boss fight music sucks in game I need something from like final fantasy type music

Well if you want good music:

1.Final Fantasy always a good way to go

2.I suggest trying to listen to some of the many video game artists out there, some arn’t that bad and can be quite entertaining to listen to at times i have made entire playlists from them, with that said some of the artist i suggest are: TeamHeadKick, TryHardNinja, MiracleofSound, RockitGaming (RockitProductions, BorderlineDisaster), and JT Machinima,

3.Anime music as well as those who do covers can be entertaining as well

4.Other video games out there have good music such as bayonetta, and kingdom hearts, if you want to listen to great boss fight music from previous games just download a bunch and create a playlist from those. Otherwise Techno/Dubstep kind of music can keep your mindset going without really listening to music i find myself listening to Highscore - Panda Eyes ft Terminite all the time in the same manner.

It really depends on what your looking for but this is what I suggest good luck on trying to find something

Whenever I have less than epic boss fight music playing in the game, I just start playing badass songs from youtube. I recommend looking into the soundtrack from metal gear rising revengeance. That game had one of my favorite sound tracks.