Need explained playing dirty point distribution

Death follows close gives +25% bonus to kill skills

Seein dead mod gives +25% bonus to kill skills

Zanes kill skills stack x2

Playing dirty says 15% chance the 5th shot of a gun procs another projectile.

So do I need to spend more than 1 point into playing dirty at all for it to work 100% every 5 shots gets a bullet proc? Or would it be just a waste of points if I put more than 1 into it?

You need 6 points iirc in Playing Dirty to get 100% (or 92%) chance with that setup.

Not all of Zane’s kill skills stack. For example, Playing Dirty doesn’t stack.

I don’t think that’s what it says. Regardless of that, what it means is that whenever PD activates then the next 5 shots fired will have the PD effect. For single pellet weapons the PD effect is that 2 pellets are fired (i.e., PD doubles the damage of single pellet weapons). For multi pellet weapons (e.g., shotguns) it means an additional pellet is fired. For example, if a gun’s card says 356x3 the PD effect turns it into 356x4. For burst fire weapons each round in the burst is treated as a single shot. For example, lets say a gun fires a 6 round burst. The first 5 rounds will have the PD effect meaning each of those five rounds in the burst will have 2 bullets but the 6th round will not.

If you are going to invest in PD you want to combine coms and spend skill points such that you achieve 50% or more chance of PD activating. I’ll even go as far as saying that anything less than a 90% is a waste of your skill points. But that’s just me.


Ohhhh ok yeah I got explained it on facebook, I just realized if we got 1 more skill point then we could have 2 capstones I’m trying to make a more direct build in which zane is able to play clone because of the clone annointment that increases dmg by 130 or so percent when switching places with zane and was wondering if I should invest in playing dirty