Need fire norfleet (lvl 72 no op) this is what i have to trade

I need a fire norfleet and this is what i have to trade all lvl 72
Puissant norfleet (electric. corrosive)
Burning infinity
Dva infinity (Corrosive)
Practicable conference call
Zammechat lyuda
Fast action badaboom (explosive)
Speedee badaboom (slag)
Analytical Bitch
Flush hammer buster
sinewy flakker
Hefty baby maker
Sledge’s shotgun (corrosive)
Auditing invader
Rocket speed bunny
Loaded hornet
Punitery Pyrophobia
Rabid shredifire
Pacifying Pitchfork
Fashionable volcano
Bowie maggie
fidle dee nukem
Duble penetrating unkempt harold
Venture longbow
Slag Rapier
Sand hawk (corrosive. fire. slag. electric)
Reserve lascaux
Evisceration rubi
Facilitating lafy fist

Sheriff’s badge

Class mods
Slayer of terra class mod (zero)
Legendary hunter calss mod
Legendary ninja class mod
Lobbed storm front
Lobbed quasar
Explosive nasty surprise
Lobbed caustic leech
Homing storm front
Homing fire bee
Sticky longbow bouncing bonny
Longbow pandemic
Roling thunder
Lobbed bonus package

The sham (88%)
Hide of terramorphous
The bee
Black hole
Whisky tango foxtrot
Fabled tortois
Love thumper

Hey i have level 72 fire norflet in return i would love to have the bee shield Add me Gt: MrDefuseDaBomb

I get my net up on monday i’ll add you then yeah?

k sounds good bro

Gt is MrDefuseDaBomb