Need Fl4k build

I see all kinds of builds for Fl4k but I’d like to know what people think the best is right now. I know a lot of nerfing and hotfixes have happened and a lot of builds have older dates on them. I’d like to be able to solo mayhem 4, including Wotan. Please help.

There is no “best “ build for Fl4k. Fortunately, Fl4k currently has 3 different builds with minor variations that can handle everything in the game solo at M4. Rakk, FA, and Gamma Burst.

Damage potential:
Rakk>FA>Gamma Burst
Gamma Burst> FA>Rakk

I recommend you try the FA build first as it is probably the easiest in terms of gear requirements.

With the new anointment buff, 1 could say gamma is higher tiered for damage than fade away - just about even with rakks if one uses that charge exploit

What’s this?

Switching to a weapon that has “extra charge of rakk attack” to proc ASE anointments on shield/grenade - i havnt heard anything about this being fixed

Ah, OK. I’ve saved a few weapons with that anointment, will have to explore further.

I have a half decent rakk attack build now but I think you’re right on survivability. Could someone point me to a good setup for either rakk attack or fade away? I have a lot of equipment stored away so I can try most things.

For the Rakk build, I’d say using Otto Idle and keep killing is the most reliable way to stay alive. Some people use lifetap anointed weapons.

For FA, survivability comes from being in FA as much as possible.

For FA you can also keep up (to a point) with damage since these cooldowns can be refilled within the limit of “not my circus” 's taunt through headcount. Possible to live and fight during taunt almost infinitely (splash weapons with 125% splash annointment will keep up with/ surpass most 100% rakk anointment ones - although with no specific targets)

I agree with this but I’m starting to think this is something that alot of people have different opinions on based on their prefered gear. Just today I’ve seen someone call FA the best for survivability but worse damage and another say rakk builds are behind on boss burning, though they have a debuff anointment.
Point is fl4k is so flexible depending on their gear or anointments but alot of people don’t try to say make a super healer rakk build or glass cannon gammaburst because they… Idk why they don’t it’s fun.

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