Need for a cash for eridium trader

Ok, so in game (i am on my second playthrough) i have noticed money is pretty much completely worthless. Any guns worth having are dropped as loot, health and ammo are everywhere, so the vending machines are just places to sell loot i no longer want giving me more cash… The only time i see my cash balance is when i respawn, and even then its a reminder of how badly i wish it were eridium so i could at least make use of it… An in game trader who offers eridium for cash would be greatly appreciated, even if he could only be found during your ultimate vault hunter playthrough.

If you check the vending machines routinely, you may be surprised with what you can find. This is more true in Pre-Sequel, but still applies in BL2 somewhat. You will, however, eventually run out of uses for eridium too…

Yup. After all upgrades have been purchased I usually just dump the rest into Tina’s Slot Machines.

Butt Stallion, Tiny Tina’s slot machines and raid bosses should take up most of that- and even then the raid bosses drop enough to make back what you paid out. I have bought a couple of legendary items from vending machines that left me broke but hey- that’s what money is for, right? :wink:

on my toons level 55 and above most money and eridium is worthless by that time. th efew times I do need eridium, I take that toon to the Ancient Dragons on Normal , pop them 5 times and have almost max eridium at the end as for money most all my toons are maxed out for the same reason.
So while a vendor like that would be nice, it’s really not needed.

and any gear that I don’t need anymore (mainly picked up/bought for BAR challenges) I drop mainly in Co-Op when I host open games