Need Friends for Co-op TPS and BL2

I’ve played through this TPS fully solo which has been a blast but I’d really enjoy playing with some folks. I’m a level 34 Lawbringer on TPS and trying to beat this 5H4DOW-TP.

Just looking to run this playthrough till I max out and then I have the whole BL2 to run from the beginning.


I would be willing to play through Borderlands 2 completely.

If you want to do a UVHM level 70 run in TPS, I can powerlevel you up and get you set up with the end-game gear.

im level 41 with celestial enforcer mod and support relay oz kit if you could help me power level you on xbox 1 yh GT: gibsomatixHYPE

I’m good on gear, but I’ll still powerlevel you. I’ll be on at 9:00 PM CST.

Thanks fellas! Will add all of you guys.

If you still need someone for borderlands 2 my gamertag is Ludaversel.

Add yourselves here.

I’m new to bl2 can’t put it down GT:
PlayaNaZty187 Xbox 1

After work today if your okay with doing a fresh play through I’ll jump on?