Need friends or help power levelling

Hey, So I’m looking for a few friends to play Handsome collection with, I used to have quite a few but after I stopped playing BL2 I lost them. I had every character maxed at 72 in BL2 on ps3, but I dont have my ps3 anymore so I can’t cross-save and I didnt play TPS. I’ve always preferred playing Borderlands games co-op, it just makes it more fun to me so if you’re looking for a guy to run missions with, or feel like helping a recently re-noobified guy level up a bit, add me

PSN: Ross-tipper

Hey Ross,

you’re from the UK, right?

I and a couple of mates (UK and Italy) also started fresh in the Handsome Collection, perhaps we can play some time?

Absolutely man I’d love to team up some time, I am indeed from the UK

I’m looking for friends to play with!!!

what level are you?

I have 2 72 lvl, (Siren & Mechromancer)
I have a lvl 10 Siren
And a lvl 35 Mechromancer