Need Friends to play BLTS co op

I’m looking for some to play with on Xbox live. Im very nice and mellow. My name on xbox is ZKG_deadpool.You hit with a friend request or a message.

Hey there, Ive moved your thread to the 360 Online Play section. Happy looting!

sorry my bad didn’t know

game tag is user name, feel free to add me

TiddlyMeat6 on XBL. Always looking to play co op.

I can’t friend request you. Can’t find you. Is that how it’s spelled? Is the underscore a hypen or an underscore?

Mine is matrixneo42.

it is a space, i just sent a request. both underscore and hyphen are illegal characters in a Gamertag and unclickable when sending requests.

edit: just sent you all requests……Aim. Shoot. Kill. Loot.

GT: VegetaValpo

Add me!

Send me a Request


Here’s my GT: Foretold Kill

Hit me up and we’ll do some co-op

Always looking to help my gt is naughtygenki101

Add me for any type of help for co-op playing!!

ii No Beasty

Always looking for some mellow co op play, anyone feel free to add me! Gt is Coltzk95