Need friends to play with

Just playing through pre sequel alone looking for some friends. Add me and join. LenzCrafter802

I haven’t played Pre-Sequel yet, but currently playing BL2 just got to True Vault Hunter Mode. Feel free to add me. IcedDarkkaos

I’ve added you both. :smile:

i only play the pre sequal im always looking for new stuff to do on there and help people out alot most of my characters are 70 but love me some pre sequal so hit me up if u like GT PHXlove2009

I need help on the pre sequel. Rk5 boss. I’m level 62.GT= HotdamnXx21

Yep I’m adding you people as well. It’s hard to find anybody to play with since matchmaking seems to be down!

Add GT: Dopamiiine


Matchmaking Sucks :frowning: Message for everyone Looking for Good/fun Teammate with mic! to roll with count me in for feel free to Add me Guys & Gals Gt’s DemonBerserker currently on TPS haven’t started BL2 yet so always down for a Fresh start anyways thxs

ShawnE94SL - I’m up for any type of play. Add me.