Need gear! TRADE

I have been farming for the Bitch for HOURS. So, here’s a trade; I’ll trade a legendary siren com for one. Doesn’t matter the element. I just want one at this point.

PSN - MutedCymbal

Hey, I have an OP8 Rightsizing Bitch with corrosive element you can have.

PSN dogstar13

Edit…Your welcome.

Thank you so much! My hero, lol

Further, do you have a plain lvl 72 Order Sheild? I wanna try a melee zero build with the Law and Order. Just can’t get the shield.

I’m looking for the 2013 Community Day and Poker Night 2 customizable items for all Vault Hunters. I have amble amounts of items to trade ranging up to OP 8. If you’re on PS4 and have these items please let me know.