Need grog nuzzle Op 10

Im looking for a grog nozzle OP 10.
It would be great if someone can trade. :slight_smile:

Just feel like pointing out, there’s no such thing as a 100% legitimate perma OP10 Grog Nozzle. Sure, a certain patch puts it in a certain loot pool, but it is not currently farmable, and therefore, an OP10 one cannot be obtained because no one drops it since ComLil came out

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Yeah, as sammantixbb said, you can’t get a legitimate OP10 one. As such you can’t discuss it here.

The closest you will find will be to run through TTAODK until you can accept the mission for it. Save and quit, load up in OP10 and accept the mission, though I believe the main allure of the Grog Nozzle is just the health steal (which is constant) so even a level 80 (former OP8) would suffice.


Oohh oke thanks. I didnt know this…
im already Playing with the mission weapon from the Dlc…

But thank you for the fast answer :slight_smile: