Need Guidance with amara

Im a bit overwhelmed, Got the game last week and I’ve finally finished the campaign and got to level 50 last night… I’ve been farming on mayhem 1 and 2 for some loot but I don’t know what is best for amara and what I should keep and be on a lookout for her, I haven’t finished TVHM yet I don’t know whether I should do it straight away or wait on it and I’m wondering what I should do

As I said I’ve been farming loot the past few days and I don’t know what to keep and throw away with amara… I’ve seen multiple different build styles with her and I’m curious which is the best I’m willing to try them all to see which I will have fun with more.

Current loot:
Unforgiven pistol
Radiation / Crossroad
Fire / Cutsman
Fire / rowans call
Electric / brainstormer anointed w/action skill end next 2 magz 50% bonus radiation damage
Redundant face punch
Subsidized Butcher
Scourge rocket
Fire / Lyuda
Transformer shield annointed w/ action skill end melee damage increase by 100% short time
Re router shield
It’s piss gnade
Solitary break mod
Unleash drag artifact

As far as loot, keep one of each and one of each element sell repeats. Create mules if needed.

As for direction, there are 2 main build style, gun focus element build and melee build. Decide which playstyle you like than adjust the skill tree and use the gears that synergise with it.

That brainstormer is terrible. Better give it to me. I’ll take it off your hands and dispose of it.

There are some threads setup by the community to help. At the top you will notice a stickied thread for information. It is are links to other very helpful threads to get you started.

all the fun is to test builds and you will know what you like , The slaughter shaft is the best place to see how strong a build is

What a haul! I have yet to get any of this stuff. Got gifted a fire and rad Rowans. Never had one drop. My brainstormer has no annointment. Still no fire cutsman, only shock.