Need Harder Bosses for Co-Op

As the title suggests, we have been playing the game at the moment, and about half way through, and we have not had a challenge at any boss yet. We have more trouble facing some of the larger group mobs during escort quests at times, when lots of bad#@# enemies happen to spawn.

We are playing through, each one of us as a different VH to really complete the whole experience. But the bosses struggle bad against 4 people. They just don’t know who to focus on.

We just ended up killing a major boss and he didn’t even really hurt any one of us, we just each stood on one side of him, and he just kept spinning because his aggro kept changing focus.

I think seeing additional AOE abilities and the like against larger groups of players would be greatly beneficial and would make them feel more powerful against larger groups.

Solo and duo they don’t seem to do as bad, and can be quite challenging, but against 4, its no contest, we haven’t had a boss yet that was able to knock all of our shields out yet even. Seems kinda strange to me.

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The normal story bosses are never really hard for a decent group. When your group finishes your first play through, play through the game again on Mayham 3. That will provide a bigger challenge.

The first play through is very casual. It’s geared to be beaten by players with sub-par gear and sub-par builds. If your group is coordinated, sharing loot, and making sensible builds then you’re going to stomp the storyline on normal difficulty.

TVHM adds new mechanics to the bosses specifically. TVHM Mayham 3 is the biggest challenge the game has. If your group can beat Slaughterdome 3000 on TVHM Mayham 3, then I tip my hat to you. We’re getting crushed on round 3 right now.

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