Need Help About Guardian Ranks

hi everyone, 2 days ago my pc restarted itself cause electricity was cut and my save files got corrupted i had backup files on my flash disk so i copy/paste them into my save folder and my guardian ranks get bugged

i had 110 guardian rank but i had bonuses equal to a 300+ guardian ranks, i delete my profile.sav then my guardian ranks become 1 but i retain the bonuses again, now i have guardian rank one,zero guardian tokens but i have +%15 bonuses nearly everything(gun damage +%15,critical damage +%15 etc.) how can i fix this? please help me

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I wish I could be more helpful, but you might have better luck here…

Best wishes to ya!

ty for the reply, i reinstall the game and guardian ranks fixed i think(everything seems fine) but i lost all of my progress,characters and items but at least bug fixed, well i hope my save files won’t corrupt again in the future