Need help and or advice on getting the Seraph interfacer at OP8

If u know how and would like to show me how, or tell me how, it would be really helpful and greatly appreciated.:grin:

you can get them at a seraph vendor (need to farm DLC raids UVHM for seraph Crystals) or from one of the DLC raid bosses (again on UVHM)

Ok thank you

Seraph crystals drop from Seraph guardians which can be used at the vendors, however, only at TVHM can you get all items in these shops and they are locked to L50. At UVHM, only some seraph items are in the shop and the rest only drop from Seraph guardians (DLC Raid Bosses). The interfacer that you mention in the post drops from Voracidous, as does the mediocre Hawkeye sniper rifle.

Killing Voracidous legit is very hard, so if you were trying to farm an interfacer it’s best to use a char that has some sort of glitch or exploit in fighting him. Pretty much all but Maya do I think (thought the Immolate one was patched, not sure), though Krieg isn’t great for this either.

One of the game’s best shields (Antagonist) and one of the top tier SMG’s (Florentine) are available from the Flamerock vendor. The easiest way to farm Seraph crystals is to fight OP 0 Pryo Pete with an OP8 char. Kill yourself after and you respawn at the top of the bar and you can do it again.

Ok, thanks for the information. Much appreciated.

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If you need Crystals, or help with Raid bosses. message me, I also might have an extra interfacer. Not sure on the element though. GT - FreakxOHxSuave

Ok i just messaged you, would this weekend be ok for doing that?


I could also use some help acquiring op8 interfacers, so may I join if you are farming vorac?

Sure, I farmed him a few times. he’s dropped all interfacers and about two Hawkeyes. I’ll be on later today about (9am EST)