Need help. Anyone level 38+

Need help defeating EOS in normal mode level 37. GT is NickapotamosXB1.

Time I am Logged into Xbox and Available to Help and this does not vary;
9pm to 1am EST (-4 GMT) 2am to 5am UK time

Please Send “JUST A MESSAGE ONLY” on Xbox Live detailing what you need help with

NO Friend Requests, unless I ask or say OK, I will delete them otherwise

messages on xbox are answered faster but you may post here.

Note: I usually ck profiles from the messages, if Profile shows offline a lot of times I will just delete and move on to the next message. so let me know if thats how you play
Also I do spend time farming my BadAss Rank , so there will be times that I am unavailable to help

I can/will;

  1. Help with Boss Battles
  2. run the storyline (even make new Toon if needs be)
    3 Power Level from 1 to 50 (mainly using “Capture Guardian Mission”)

My rules of thumb

  1. your game You get all the Loot (I don’t need it)
  2. My Game I at least get to see it, then you can have it
  3. I will call Loot out as I find it
  4. Mic preferred , but not necessary, as long as I know what is needed

I charge nothing for my services, I just ask that you pay it foreword when/if possible

BorderLands TPS Stats
Level 60 Claptrap
Level 54 Enforcer
Level 62 Doppleganger
Level 50 LawBringer
Level 60 Gladiator

BadAss Rank 157,000

GT = LunaticOne