Need help asap!

Can anyone help me with eos? I’m there right now getting wrecked lvl 47 all under levelled gear
Gt: POPPAxMOLLIE on xbox one

Hey. I dropped you over to the corresponding section to heighten your chances of finding help.

Best of luck, vault hunter.

What’s EOS?

Have you unlocked UVHM yet?

Oh thanks alot I wasn’t sure where to post this at.

No im still in tvhm trying to level up to finish out the story I went through claptrap dlc to get a few levels

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were asking about the Pre-Sequel, I’m not very familiar with that game.

I can help. If you still need help GT FreakxOHxSuave

Yeah I just got the Xbox one and HAD to buy the handsome collection so I might as well play the pre sequel as well.

Yeah sorry I just read this but I managed to get it done that same night after dying a few times. I’d still love to play any other time though if your interested in on xbox one GT: POPPAxMOLLIE

Need help with terramorphous fight, I’m level 53 psycho, can’t quite do it on my own yet, any help would be much appreciated GT: Jordo2015

Are you on xbox one?


Alright you can message me today and I’ll jump in and help you with whatever you need. POPPAXMOLLIE