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OP8 lvling and Farming

Update Read- I do not Power Lvl anymore. But I do lvl, Meaning no bar room brawl for hours. You’re welcome to tag along and rank up during farming and loot runs which is slower then others can offer. So if you’re not in a big rush to lvl you can add.

OP8 lvling and Farming

Rule #1. No Loot Ninja’s. If so you’ll be listed so others know who you’re.
Rule #2. Don’t touch anything missions nore objectives at all. I have certain things left open for a reason. Thank you.

Moved back to my Ps4 for Advanced Warfare. But if anyone needs op8 lvling or anyone farmed hit me up ill switch over for a couple hours. Send friends request with a message stating what you need help with.

Update Note******: I do not power lvl. What you see above is what I offer sorry.

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Weekly Highlights Below

Weekly Highlights

Another Double Pete Drop Unbelievable-

Dragons Drop what?

Hyperious Dropping Two Hornets Wow

Box Outside Hunter Hellquist right after Kill LOOT MIGET!!! Remember kids open every BOX

WEP Hyperion Soldier

First Ever

Not sure where you get off on calling me a modder? If I had anything that was modded on BL2 the Moderators would have shut down my Thread 2yrs ago.

Edit- just realized your the kid who’s butt-hurt I won’t trade with on PS3. Well guess what, when the PS4 section is posted with the Handsome Jack Collection. I’m posting my entire Loot again & guess what, it won’t get taken down, because nothing is modded.

Good Day to you Sir.

i can also personally say that none of his items are modded. as i was one of the ones out there FARMING to help fill his shop. sounds to me like someone needs to quit being lazy and get out there and farm his own loot. and that someone is PLAYERJLC. you sir will never get an item from me and i can make it really hard for you to get anything at all from this forum or anyone on it.

I removed a portion of the original post.

@PLAYERJLC this is a drama-free forum. Please don’t accuse someone of bad business and blacklist their name in your thread. Thanks.

Now anyone who isnt here to trade/help/ect, theres no reason to continue the banter. No need to drag something on that dosnt need to be. Take it to friendly PMs if you must.

And you’re calling me a kid haha.

Please do :wink: cause I don’t believe you at all.

I asked for everyone to stop, yet you continued. Next time, leave the drama at the figurative door.