Need help bl3 bug

Hey first time on here and I’m having an issue with my game I cant fast travel to any location I’ve been before I used all my characters but it only affected my lvl 50 beastmaster and now I cant use fast travel anywhere except the first three areas of the pandora i can use the droppod but I would have to go back through the entire game again basically need help with this please

I had this problem, when I played split screen multiplayer with a lower lever character. It seems to sync your character to the other players fast travel locations.
According to my support ticket, there is no fix, yet.

Yeah currently what you said is support’s solution. It sucks and is slow but it’s the only real solution afaik

Go to the Bridge’s navigation panel. Pick the planet and go there. Then go down to Ellie’s and use the drop pod. Then drive back to every fast travel to resync to it.