Need help boost survivability with driver com

I’m trying to boost my survivability and I’m questioning how to attribute my skill point effectively.

For each build I’m wondering what skill to prioritize between root to rise, clarity and one with nature.

I have three kind of different build in my head one that use samsara and Fist Over matter, one classic that use Ties that bind and one that sacrifice guardians angel for soul sap

Has anybody tried these kind of variety?

imo soul sap sucks: it only works with health damage making it super unreliable . As long as you have sustainment you should be fine, top it with a stop gap shield and/ or guardian angel

As above, soulsap= (fart noise). Sustainment is pretty solid.


I use Stop-Gap with +5% health per sec ASE annointment. Using fakegrasp my health never really goes down. Guardian Angel very rarely needs to save my a$$.