Need Help building up Terror Nova Moze

So I had some fun playing with Peregrine Ghast Fl4k, like so much fun I began playing Fl4k more than Moze which I main. I decided that the whole fire-until-your-mouse-curses Moze was growing old to me, so I decided to try out another Terror build.

All I know is that most Terror builds centers around ammo regen, which is one thing Moze do not need. I thought Moze’s reload Nova anoint was very interesting, so I tried a Purple-Blue setup with Terror Cryo Face puncher, KDWE, Melee Terror Transformer, Reload Nova grenade and Flare + IC Running on Fumes setup with. I noticed that most Terror Nova uses urad, but I already uses Terror Urad setup with Fl4k so I decided to avoid that.

The results weren’t horrible, but it was underwhelming. I thought Flare and Running on Fumes would give some decent damages, but I was barely able to finish True Maliwan. Can this build only rock with urad anoint? Or can I make it work better by changing Shield, Class mod and skill setup? I’m no expert at both Terror builds and Melee builds, so any kind of advice I am grateful.

Isn’t the terror anoint currently bugged due to the recent hotfix? Instead of getting max terror, you only get 1 stack.

I thought that was only the ASE terror anoint? Hitting Face Puncher with Melee Terror anoint seemed to work fine, though I might be wrong.

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Terror on melee attacks works.

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It is but the terror nova only needs 1 stack for full effect.

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tl;dr: If you don’t want to use uRad, the best damage you’ll get out of terror nova is with 300/90. Of course this means your bossing potential will kinda suck, but you can make up for that by throwing on a white elephant relic.

The way I run it is with a reload nova Nova Berner, a damage/fire rate grenade (it affects the nova), and a melee terror Facepuncher. Shoot once with Facepuncher, swap to a 300/90 Hellwalker, shoot, reload, boom. If ya get used to swapping, it’s faster than always reloading the facepuncher, and does more damage. It’ll still have problems with bosses, but it definitely kills maliwan takedown mobs.

I haven’t done it much since new skills came out, but I can’t imagine purple really helps with it. I basically just went halfway down the 3 main trees before, to get Stoke the Embers + Scrappy, Fire in the skag den + Torgue Cross Promotion, some added survivability out of red, and whatever random iron bear damage for extra flavor.

I don’t know if any legendary coms are particularly helpful for it, so I just run a Bear Trooper I have with splash damage and radius. The extra radius makes it extra convenient. And if ya ever run into trouble, you can jump into bear spamming nukes for a while. Pretty fun.

Like i said, white elephant will help with bossing, but otherwise, just use whatever best relic you have with AOE damage. Hope this helped. I really enjoy this build tbh.

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I have a terror nova setup with Moze, but I haven’t played with it in awhile. From what I remember, it was FitSD and TCP that gave the novas their oomph. And FitSD was stealth nerfed in the last patch. I’m willing to bet this build isn’t as viable anymore.

Oh right FitSD was nerfed I totally forgot. Wow they really messed up with the Halloween events this patch huh. Tried to use Amara Skull build, realized a bit too late that TTB doesn’t work with the skulls now. That’s a shame.

Was…and then stealth fixed hours later, its still doing its shenanigans
Otherwise theres nothing a facepuncher + mindsweeper + white elephant can’t handle on moze; for use with terror nova i would reccomend 1 with melee terror for reloads; but have a redundant(x14) facepuncher with 300/90 for well… everything else


Oh nice. I hadn’t heard it was fixed. Been playing mostly Zane since the new trees dropped. Now if Iron Cub could get some proper scaling.

I’ll hop on my terror Moze today and see if it’s still working.

It’s still working. Not a bossing setup, but great for mobs.

Facepuncher with bonus cryo while terrified.
Mindsweepee with 5 in FitSD for 10/5 and splash damage passive.
Cutpurse with aoe damage.
Transformer with melee terror.
Vindicator ghast call with terror nova on reload.

Skill trees are kind of a hybrid so I can use my Rocketeer for bosses.

I could be getting more damage out of the novas with tcp, but I’m also swapping around other terror gear for the fun of it. It will one shot most mobs and two shot the badasses.

What kind of Facepuncher is this? Any anoint? Any pellet variant?

You mean like what renfried wrote below?:

I havnt personally tried the nova anointment to well though cryo would be better; For general content i use a 300/90 x14; and have another with terror crit anointment for truly spongy bosses. Depending on the situation swapping between brawler ward or stinger shields

  • orginally i set it up for x7 facepunchers but with the melee scaling, the damage was just over half of x14 (things still died, but slower)
  • I should mention that “big surplus” doesn’t apply to the melee damage. So it’s not doing crazy amounts - stickies procced through white elephant might(?) But you can be dropping micros that are dealing anywhere between 3 - 100m+ rendering it unnecessary
  • com/artifact wise;if your building for max novas a simple splash + aoe + cryo damage passives; for max puncher power - melee x2 + (shotgun - doesnt apply) splash/splah radius+ hyperion crit + aoe + grenade

I didn’t think the Facepuncher benefited from shotgun passives? Also hyperioin crit is pointless since the FP cannot crit (I don’t think that transfers over to the white elephant either).

Made me think i had some confirmation bias going on; but after testing i’ll confirm.
(Retested due to difference in tcp)
Keeping tcp the same gave me results through my lowest number being 16k - with hyp crit its 24k
Shotgun damage on the other hand, your correct

Is that bonus hyp crit coming from the white elephant stickies?

As far as i can tell, i specced the vanilla test to match the points given by the com;

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Turns out theres an interaction between big surplus and the facepuncher; its acting like a shield elemental damage anointment; allowing it’s seperate damage to crit (may deal splash?)

  • However it does not create minsweeper micros