Need help choosing a loadout for everyday Borderlands

I trying to figure out what weapon combos works well with everyday Borderlands 2. Right now I am rocking Sandhawk Gorxx Nozzle, Northfleet, DPUH, The Bee, and Storm Front.

I have Sawbar, Butcher, and All Good Legenaries. Any advice on what to change?

You’ve got the standard main weapons that everyone uses because they are so powerful, Sandhawk, Grog, Norfleet, DPUH, Storm Front, Bee… probably can throw the Sham, Pimpernel, and the Interfacer/CC/Butcher into that list and that’s your standard top level guns/gear that work with every character…Most people use the Antagonist or Evolution shield if they want a less gimmicky one than the Bee or Sham…

If you want to go further into the game, click on the character by character pages in the forums and check out all the cool builds for your character… There might be a gun which is “meh” for some, but great for your character… Basically, just change it up and go with it… If you want to know what the red text does, Derch and others have great videos on youtube. Man of Low Moral Fiber looks into about every gun in his “Does it Suck” series…

If you have a more flesh friendly gun, just go to Bloodshot Stronghold or Southpaw and try it out, a more loader setup, go to Washburn or Hero’s Pass… Borderlands has such great variety, try it out, if it doesn’t work well, there’s a lot else to choose from!

[quote=“lmlibrando, post:1, topic:1503005, full:true”]I trying to figure out what weapon combos works well with everyday Borderlands 2. Right now I am rocking Sandhawk Gorxx Nozzle, Northfleet, DPUH, The Bee, and Storm Front.

I have Sawbar, Butcher, and All Good Legenaries. Any advice on what to change?
[/quote]Those are arguably some of the best pieces of gear in the game. If you want to change them because they’re not producing enough damage, this might not be the game for you. If you want to change them to try something else, I might make the case for using whatever weapon you think is fun to use. In my opinion, only certain e-tech weapons need an OP buff to work comfortably in UVHM (is that where you’re at?).

In practice, there isn’t a single weapon I won’t use (but I also do not have a problem using every round of assault rifle ammo to drop a Constructor, for example). If you’ve become accustomed to playing with that weapon loadout, almost any other weapon selection will seem underwhelming (not that there’s anything wrong with this, just keep that in mind). What character do you prefer for this?


The character I love playing is Axion, and I thank you for your advice.

I will watch that “Does it suck” series, seen it couple times in my suggestions tab on YouTube

I use the Big Boom Blaster with my Axton

[quote=“lmlibrando, post:4, topic:1503005, full:true”]The character I love playing is Axion, and I thank you for your advice.[/quote]Ok, if you want to maximize the damage potential with Axton, his skill set (as I’m sure you know) lends itself to buffing grenade/launcher damage. Before I give you advice about using some really awful weapons (that work quite well, but are not for the squeamish), here’s a quick loadout that should give your Commando a change of pace without sacrificing damage while you climb the learning curve. They don’t need to be in this order, and you’re probably already familiar with these, so pardon the explanations if you are.

  1. Hail - This assault rifle (which Axton handles quite well) includes Moxxi’s healing feature, high crit damage (which is hard to do, but dang if it doesn’t hit hard), and perhaps best of all, its splash damage is buffed by grenade damage enhancements. Whatever element you like… I don’t really think any of them are terrible.
  2. Pimpernel - I feel like I’m selling my soul here, but this is a damn fine weapon when you get the aim mechanics down. If you haven’t used this, here’s a quick primer: fire it at the ground, and watch where it hits; you will see a little fountain of pellets where the bullet struck. If you hit a target such that this fountain peaks at an enemie’s crit spot, the damage is off the chart (all the orbs independently pack splash and crit damage). There are a number of videos on this topic. It’s tough to master, but the payoff for learning it is huge damage output (I have literally killed Ultimate Badass Loaders in Digistruct Peak with a single well placed shot from one of these). Again, pick your favorite element.
  3. Torgue Hulk - hits pretty hard, but hits harder with Axton. The Hail and Pimpernel are mid- to long-range weapons, so you want something for close quarters combat. I picked the Hulk because I think it’s a nice split between the overkill of the Ravager and the spritely utilitarianism of the Pounder, but really any of those will be fine; just use the best ones you come across.
  4. 12 Pounder - if you don’t get one parted for high rocket velocity, you’ll be working around a little arc (which is sort of the point). This gun hits pretty hard if you can strike the target with it, and has a wonderfully fast reload.
  5. Fastball - again, pick your favorite element, and Axton will destroy with these.
  6. Big Boom Blaster - this is as much for fueling your grenade and launcher habit as it is shaking off damage over time. Still, if you’re not familiar with this, try learning to catch the orbs out of the air as they spawn… that skill will come in handy if you’re ever down to have a go with the WTF shield.
  7. COM and Relic - pick whatever you like that enhances the gameplay as you see fit.

All of these weapons can produce a lot of damage, but you will notice that most of them have some odd weapon mechanic to adapt to that should spice up the game a little.

[quote=“lmlibrando, post:5, topic:1503005, full:true”]I will watch that “Does it suck” series, seen it couple times in my suggestions tab on YouTube[/quote]If you listen to those, you’ll wind using the same loadout you’re using now :smile:

Sorry if I sound like a noob but you are suppose to build explosive damage around Axton? All my set ups are around surviving and dealing tons of damage using non-explosive damage like SandHawk and or Lady Killer.

If you could please send me a build tree for a “normal level 61” Axton.

Sorry again, I am really new to Borderlands and no nothing about what makes Axton…Axton

You’re not “supposed” to, but you’ll note that Axton has a number of skills that enhance grenade damage. By that, most explosive weaponry (and some other one-off types) are also buffed by these grenade damage enhancements even though they’re not grenades. By selecting these weapons with Axton, and choosing the right skills, he produces more damage. Steady, Do or Die, and Battlefront all include this grenade buff.

Here are a list of builds and other resources for Axton, which includes a bit about grenade damage.

Adabiviiak, has it right, there’s no “supposed to” in BL2, one of the great things about the game (maybe the best thing in fact) is there is no one way to play it… You can setup your Axton in a number of ways… Many people like explosive/grenade setups with him because he has skills to match… Splash damage for most explosive weapons counts as grenade damage so skills that boost this, boost the splash damage, which is why it’s suggested. That’s not true of all explosive guns for all splash damage (off the top of my head, the Cobra doesn’t get it for some reason), I think Derch covers which ones do and do not in his red text series, but most explosive guns (and Krieg’s buzzaxe explosion too I think) count their splash damage as grenade damage.

I’m not an Axton expert, so maybe guys like Demonite can help a bit more, but the two main setups I see most often are a general gun damage setup with the Leg Soldier COM and a turret based setup with either the Legendary Soldier or Leg Engineer COM… I do see some grenade setups with the Grenadier mod from time to time, but not as common… I bet if you go to the forums in the Axton page you’ll get a lot of good ideas from the community, maybe even a build you didn’t know existed!

Thanks for the link. I think I will change my skills and gear around to fit his role as a bombing commando

I think my main gun will be DPUH
Long Range Lyuda
Launcher Norfleet
And for that mid range where Harold won’t reach target is the Kerablaster (no ogre :frowning: )

( this is a rant) *I am just really picky with weapons. I hate having two guns that do the same thing for example I want a shotgun in this build but I already have a Harold for close range. The Lyuda already has rapid fire so it is good for mid AND long range. You could say use the swordpolsion gun but it won’t be a right since I already have a gun that will do tons of dmg close up (DPUH)

The Conference Call is a good mid-range shotgun that might fit into your overall setup… It has good accuracy and you get the extra pellets coming together at mid-range… There are some other shotguns that have high enough accuracy for midrange too, since you prefer the Harold as your short range gun… you might want to look at a Swordplosion for your explosive/grenade splash buffs as well or maybe give it a run to see if hits hard enough for you, I’m guessing at L61 it definitely will…

That’s not a bad idea using CC I might try it but if it won’t kill faster than Kerablaster at midrange I might switch back :kissing_heart:

Antagonist, Pimpernel, Bekah, Blockade, Hail