Need help choosing guns for my Doppelganger

I will soon be play though the 2nd time with my doppelganger but befor that I will geather some guns for him and get some low level legends for my claptrap. I want to know if this is a good iade and if this guns will be good with the tree I’m building

Pistol: Luck Cannon
Shotgun: Moonface
Laser: (Blaster) Laser Disker,(Beam) Absolute Zero,(Railgun) Longest Yard, ( Splitter) Splitters
Sniper Rifles: Omni-Cannon
Assault Rifles: Minigun
SMGs: Meat Grinder
Rocket Launchers: Nukem
Grenade Mods: Bonus Package
Shields: Avalanche
Oz Kits: Support Relay

Honestly, Jack is one of those characters that does great with any gun provided you can aim. Any of these would work well on him.

However, there are some things that won’t work as well with you’re build. If you were planning on being close up all the time, then the Meat Grinder and Moonface would be a great choice, but you also have the Omni Cannon, Longest Yard, and Minigun in your set-up, which tells me that you want to be a medium-long range player. This is outside the Meat Grinder’s range of effectiveness, so if you want to use it, you should either change the rest of you load out, or your COM.

Also, the fire rate boost you get from taxation is, in practice (since you need to have your gun’s mag nearly empty to get an effect), about equal to the one you get from either Lean on Me or Sponsored by, so having all 3 fire rate boosts is a bit overkill, especially since so many of the guns you listed are not effected too much by fire rate anyway (only the Meat Grinder and Minigun would really notice it).

Also, I don’t want to give advice since you didn’t ask for it, so I’ll just say that a Jack build without points in GG is just incomplete. That tree is where a lot his damage and survivability comes from. FE doesn’t really have that much synergy with HOTS outside of grenade builds.

Is there a reason you put so many points into HOTS? Do you want the Badass jacks to help carry the weight? Do you just want to hit the COM bonuses? Likewise, is there a reason why you put so few points into GG? Depending on how you want to spec him, you could be making radically different weapon choices, so its a good idea to have a firm plan of what you want to accomplish with your build before choosing your weapons.

Do you want to be right up on the enemies or engage them at a distance? How do you use grenades, are they a debuff or a source of damage? Do you play solo or coop? How comfortable are you with the Digi-jacks? Can you consistently hit crits? Etc…