Need help chossing the right guns for my Claptrap build

I just start to play Claptrap and I have chosen some guns for the top gear from and I would like to hear what you think about this and whet you think would be better for my skill tree

Pistol: Luck Cannon
Shotgun: Too Scoops
Laser: (Blaster)Laser Disker ,(Beam) Absolute Zero ,(Railgun)Mining Laser, ( Splitter)Refracted Splitter
Sniper Rifles: Droog
Assault Rifles: Gatling Gun
Rocket Launchers: Mongol
Grenade Mods: Meganade
Shields: Shield of Ages
Oz Kits: Tranquility

personally, in the “Fragmented” tree, I only have 3 points in Fuzzy Logic (my opinion only the other 2 needed to get to the rest of the tree makes it not worth it, others may like it , but I’ve never missed it), the rest of the points I have split down the other 2 trees for better performance, Boomtrap tree is how I spec, middle tree I’ve maxed points in top 2, max points in "things are awesome, max pain simulater, max wax on wax off, max guns are happy

as for the Gear, whatever your best at, me I experiment until I find one that makes me go “Hell yeah” and mark it as a favorite

also here, [Guide] Claptrap Resources Guide for builds and gear

If you’ve never played Clappy before, I would stay away from the Fragmented Fragtrap tree except for Safety First and Fuzzy Logic. Something like this might be better. Just remember that both the Laser Disker and the IVF are shoot and chuck weapons: shoot one or two rounds, then chuck them at your enemy for maximum effect.

I think your choice of guns is a little too varied. The IVF, Mongol, and Laser Disker don’t benefit from CC; the Splitter, ML, Droog, and Gattling gun aren’t the greatest for SWAB spamming, and none except the Absolute Zero, Luck Cannon and Gattling gun have much synergy with OLT.

I would try narrowing the list down to an explosive(weapons that work with SWAB+LnS) and non explosive set (guns that work with CC), and see which one you enjoy playing with more, then build around that. At the moment, you’re sinking a lot of points into skills to try to make all of these weapons work, when you could choose to specialize in one set of weapons and free up points to grab skills in ILYG tree.