Need help ! COMMUNITY HEAD and SKIN for MAYA!

(Silence V7) #1

Hello !
I have been searching for maya’s community head and skin for a REALLY long time and I can’t get them ! They’re my last 2 items before I have the full collection ! Could someone PLZ drop them to me ? It would mean the worrlllddddd ! If you can, add me on ps4/ps3 (i have both) : SilenceV7.

(Flesh Crunch) #2

Got them for ya :smirk:
Will add you later

(Silence V7) #3

OMG wait, are you SHEETS ? Because i just saw your friend request !

(Silence V7) #4

If not, add me whenever you’re ready :grin:

(Flesh Crunch) #5

Nope toothpasteno1 but I am currently at work so you have ro wait a bit :smiley:

(Silence V7) #6

Oh okay I think were in different timelines when you sent me the message it was 2 am where I live :joy: anyway I’ll add you and ill see when youre connected ! :slight_smile: