Need help Digi peak OP6 and OP7

Hi I’m currently OP6 and I’m looking for somebody to help me with Digistruct peak OP6 and 7 so I can get to the max lvl. I would be happy to help with power leveling for another character once I’m OP8.

PSN: BoivinQc

Just send me a FR and I will help you sometime when we are both online. It will only take one more run, no glitch, at Op8 (I will be host) and you will gain 02 final op lv. Psn: orange_teacher.

Our Op8 run is really fun! We made a good team! Your Siren was so good :smile:

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Thanks. Now it’s time to start farming gear :slight_smile:

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Could You Help Me Get To OP8? I’m Currently OP4.

I got to OP 8 and I hve decent gear. I can run you to at least OP 6 probably more. I’ll be playing tommorow around 7-8 PM Eastern time.

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Ok Man Thanks. I’ll Be On Around That Time As Well.