Need Help Farming Jimmy Jenkins

hey guys i have gone past the doctors orders side quest to farm jimmy jenkins and was wondering if anyone still has it?
need to do it for the JEEENKINNNNSSS challenge.

Lvl 51 Zero.

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Hey man - I did the same thing in TVHM and I was able to get him to spawn relatively quickly by farming the crates in the upper part of Thousand Cuts (before you get to Bunker).

StayPationtTrophies has a video on it on YouTube, which is where I learned of the possibility.

I’d say it took me around 45 minutes to get Jenkins to pop out.

Honestly, though, if you plan on going into UVHM, it is insanely easy and common to spawn Jenkins in the boxes with the LLM’s. It’s not uncommon to get two Jenkins at once - and it’ll start to piss you off too, since they never drop anything.

If that’s out of the question, I recommend Pre-Bunker Thousand Cuts. Worth a shot, and it worked for me.

Hey man!

Yeah I’ve seen these videos online and have started attempting this. I’ve only done it for maybe 10-15minutes due to being busy but I’ve noticed a lot of loot midgets are spawning so it’s only a matter of time until Jenkins pops up!

Thanks for taking the time to reply

GT: Tizlak


Honestly I’d be happy to help you do it the “quicker” way in WEP, but I’m on PS4.

And once you actually finish WEP it’s a pain in the ass to farm the loot midgets anyway (I tend to stick to Thousand Cuts these days - less reliable, but more relaxing).

I’d be really surprised if Jenkins didn’t show up in Thousand Cuts sooner rather than later, but who knows with the RNG in this game.

(My challenges are bugged - as notoriously happens rather often, at least on PlayStation, so I may never be able to get the platinum. I guess technically that’s not RNG, but it’s still bad f’in luck!)