Need help farming

Need some help farming OP 7 invincibles + Doc Mercy for legendaries and decent gear as have been running low leveled gear and it is becoming too difficult to keep up in strength. Played B2 relentlessly on xbox 360 and trying to get at least an infinity or legendary class mods such as the legendary cat or legendary hunter.

Help with final run of Digistruct peak would also be greatly appreciated but not neccessary.

Sorry if I am asking for a lot but it would be really helpful and would mean that I could continue in my quest to achieve my old Zer0 and Maya builds

Judging by your post time you are usa timezone? Am in the uk, but would love to help you out where needed or possible?.
If we can sort out playtime, feel free to add gt=ScaryCartoons.
Won’t be online till +10 hrs from this post thou🖓

I am in Australian Eastern Standard Time it is currently 4:46 PM
But thats okay, I will make the changes to my profile to say I am in Australia

Dam !! world’s apart then. Okay no worries, good luck finding someone🖒
Happy hunting😀

Thanks! I need it haha, 80 runs already and no infinity :joy:

Hmmm, USA EST timezone, looking at the time passed since you posted this and the time you said it was, when you posted this, makes it roughly around 12:45 am my time. I play mostly between 9pm to just a little after midnight , my time.
Send me a message on Xbox Live, GT = Name, if anything one friend I play the game with occasionally also lives in Australia and I can send you his GT.

actually I located his GT here on the forum it’s " Flattertrain7 "

ill happily help hit me up Enigmax eu

I’m on the American East Coast but I’m always looking for help myself. I didn’t get a chance to port my characters over so I had to restart all over again but my characters are already around LvL60 & higher. If you or anyone else need help farming w/characters around these levels I could definitely help out. Msg me. my GT: bostonmobb0341

i messaged you