Need Help Finding Jimmy Jenkins

Hunting the achievement and I need to get the kill on him. If anyone has a save that has the Tannis quest to make this easier, or any ability for him to spawn somehow, it’d be greatly appreciated. Remember, I need to physically kill him to get the badass rank and the achievement.

Gamertag is Xylisythe. Thank you :slight_smile:

you can reset the story mode on ultimate vault hunter mode.

add me on 360 weill farm them together i have the quest and the annex dlc so we dont have to walk all the way everytime.

GT: Rifie 1

Jimmy Jenkins can spawn randomly in any area of the WEP, not just the boxes next to Bloodwing’s enclosure- and I’ve also found him in Opportunity and Sawtooth Cauldron…

lol duh he spawns anywere… hes just an even rarer loot midget

I thought he would only spawn in Hyperion areas? Dunno though.

OP, try to do Doctor’s Order LLM farming. Every once in a while you should get a Jenkins.

Indeed- so there’s no need to have that quest open to find him, nor to only go to WEP- which was kind of my point…

best place other than wep is sawtooth and then thousand cuts

Have found him jumping from Hyperion weapon chests in Sawtooth and Opportunity. Pretty rare however.