Need help for a Starcraft MOD

Hi there my name is Jonathan.
IM looking for the possibility of making à starcraft mod for HWRM

I would like to implément all ships from starcraft 1 2 exception included with à sens of scale that was never reached by blizzard due to the cheesy style graphics.

Reach the same game speed to make the game more e sport like.

Give ships specials abs and converge to à more micromanagable game then even starcraft or homeworld are.

Less time for macro more time for fun.
Rock paper cisor at its best we would make the game more arcade but as deep as it deserve AND
The game will be as cool to look as it is to play it.
Objectif credibility…

In need à Team to do this…
So you decide if it is gona be possible or not

Let me know of your mind blowing ideas.

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I thought most starcraft units were ground-based?

I would say 1/3
The game still offer à wide sélection of air units :wink:
Even more if i combine sc2 and sc1 ; )
Ship modèls are awsome^^

I have my hands very full and I never even played SC. But it sounds great. What is your position in the team? Or what is your skill? Artist, coder?

I have the idea of removing the macro management of fighter or interceptor.
Wile playing à HUGE rôle in the strategy
You would not need to transfer them form you construction ship to dock them with the battleship for ex… nearly all ship will have intégrated building plaform as wal às à docking pad.
They would still have to be upgraded from the flag ship but that is it…

Yeah but which of this you’ll handle yourself? The dockpaths and ship editing, or the strikecraft behaviour coding.

That is the main problem im not coding and my attemes to moddeling where not realy conclusion.
But as a business manager i know that every thing
Is possible wile Well surrounded
Many super awnsome mods died becuse of there médiocre gameplay…
This is where I Will make a différence.
I have the hole set up here and I Will keep posting the concept on the forum sincronysed with the Team…
BTW sorry for my english;)

I guess you are French. Your English is quite good, but you do séèm tõ bé üsing àccénts quîté libérallÿ. Yõu névér réàlly néèd accénts in English exçept for wõrds thàt wé stõlé from you, like café.


Many super mods died because there were no one left to work on them, that is the number one cause… :confused:


I thought that using the carrier core for most of the ships would be à great way to proced…
Giving amphasis on fewer ships with more control possibility.
For exemple
Boost ability
Streghtend shield ability
Kamikaze interceptor ability

All of them with à cool down.
They would all have to be reserched at the flag ship

The question of ressources would Come from
Both destroying enemy ships and control key locations.

To expand on what @Pouk is driving at, have a read of this:

It is really worth a read…


I do agre with you on the number one cause lol
But i still think that good ideas dont die.
Im optimistic but not unrealistic.:wink:

as a french guy myself, that made me laugh a lot :joy:


I wish you all the best luck. I really do.
But the sad truth is that anyone capable of doing something great, is already working on something great of their own.
And for any one of these people there are twenty guys with an idea.

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Well after reading it i réalise this is a dipomatic way to say that im not the first to do it this way and its not gona work lol.
Tks for the tip :wink:
Since I think the idea is still great i Will feel free to share it on the forum. If it would interest some modders well the concept is yours.
However if somebody would go for it.
Know that i would be at your intire disposal;)
With gameplay mécanism and créativity.
I Will keep feeding the forum with new ideas;)
I think i have nothing to lose as long as im willing to spend time on it…:slight_smile:

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Lead by example, create a portion of it yourself.
If nothing else, try at least to achieve that game pace you value so highly. -Modify build menus and rework resourcing based mostly on bounties. Create the gameplay you want with the Hiigaran and Vaygr units.

Hahahhah the problem is in deed my phone lol
But im from Québec City so yes im french speaking…Tks for your tips guys i Will keep dreaming^^

OR KUSHAN AND TAIIDAN! Let it not now nor ever again be taken for granted that we have the ye-olde classic factions at our disposal as never before!

This in my opinion is the most obstructive artifact of the HW2 modding era. That is surely not the case, but nevertheless I don’t want it being forgotten that there are 4 factions to play around with.


I wont forget Tks for the tip.
But for now I Will continue my story lol.

So to résume.

Put the emphasis on larger ships.
But using the in Bay fighter bombers and interceptor will be the key to Victory
In fact as i told previusly all ships will have docking bays exept for fregats wicht is gona be stand alone
And more résistant than hw2 sebling. It is simply gona be à New class and will be use mostly às utility ships.

So 4 classes
utility ships
Figters bombers etc
Flag ship

Figters will be build from every type of battleship
Use to counter bombers and décent against fighter
Interceptors will perform bether against fighters.
They will be sort of leched to there mother ship
So they will have a max distance of opération

There will be Many sorts of battleships
Carrier style carry waymore docking points for
F/B/I squadrons as Well as more squadrons oriented ability.
For exemple increased operational range for squadrons.
Increse repare rate for squadrons
Squadrons speed increse
Wille there weaponry will be more focused on défence flak.
They will be weak against other battleship main weaponry but are if played well as deadly.

Brawler style
Will offer spécial bomber with à limited opération range.
À powerfull close range weaponry
And Stong armor
Will slow it will have
A boost ability
Invasion barges ability witch can éventualy take control of other ships
Streaghtened shield abs

The mutlirole battleship

Will be the most balanced one
Well armed
Médium fighter capacity
Ability to short jump
Incresed radar range
Artilery canons abs

I Will continue tomorow

One thing that gets me is trying to imagine how the Zerg could be any part of this, lol. I guess they have Leviathans but everything else will probably have to be improvised. Unless you make Guardians and Brood Lords into mega-monsters, which I guess would be the sensible thing to do.

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