Need help for boogeyman

Hello I read cool moze skull build but I don’t have boogeyman.
any boogeyman for moze would be appreciated.
also I have lots of gear except DLC5. I may help you to find you need.
shift : wolf_alice

Boogeyman is part of DLC5. If you dont own it then you wont be able to use the gun.

I can give you a Boogeyman but you need dlc5 to even use it.

I have DLC5. but arms racing is a bit difficult to me. murdercaine alwasy kills and treasure boxs are too far away.
many thanks please send me invitation.

Ok. Im Mourning6lory … Boogeyman coming your way.

Friend request was sent. Here is a sneak peek at the item Ill be sending you …

I accepted your invitation. Thanks! VH

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Im currently at work but will send it to you tonight when I get home. May be around 7 pm EST.


Sent you the Boogeyman. Enjoy!