Need help for Borderlands Crimson Lance Armory

I need someone that is on 360/One to help me on Borderlands. I just started the General Knoxx DLC on playthrough 2 and i was on the last mission. I went inside and did everything as usual and the countdown reached to zero. I finished it and all i had to do was turn it in. But the thing is that the place i have to turn in the mission is in the center of the armory which just blew up and the doors are locked and the missions which allow me to get another run through the armory by Marcus are completed because it glitched and gave the both quests before i started the dlc so it did all 3 “loot run” quests and i can go inside the armory anymore and i have to turn in the last dlc mission inside the armory. I need someone who has access to the armory i can finish the mission. My GT is: XLGODxX

Thanks for the help.