Need Help for Maliwan Takedown Mission

Looking for 2-3 Players to join me for the “Maliwan Takedown” Mission.

I was able to fight solo until I got to the endboss, but I wasnt able to win against him alone.

Please Comment or Message me with your PSN Name, I will add you.

If it is possible I would start the mission today afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.

What character do you play?


I can run through it with you if you want. I solo it all the time.

Add me jdmishima
I play Moze

That would be great!

Whats your psn name?

And which char do u play?

Im gonna add you

Added you, we can play Monday (tomorrow) afternoon.

Added you, we can play Monday (tomorrow) afternoon

Sorry, missed your message. I won’t be on until this weekend probably.

Ok than lets do it at the weekend :joy: