Need help for Moze survivability

Recently I just start leveling Moze, but I find keep on dying. Can’t figure out what to do, any tips will be appreciated. I’m currently 27, and using the green skill tree (sry, can’t remember the name)

Use SOR tree to level. Bottomless has 0 survivability skills.

Moze has 2 routes to survival, unfortunately both will require a respec in Sanctuary.

The less recommended one: You spec deep into Demolition Women for Vampyr and tie yourself to tesla grenades.

The recommended one: Follow smtrentcf’s advice and spec into the Shield of Retribution tree. SOR is the most well rounded of Moze’s skill trees. At level 27 you can reach Phalanx Doctrine which will grant you both more shields and more damage.

I personally don’t recommend putting more than 2 points into thin red line while leveling as anything more and you lose the benefit of health gating. Once you get the SOR capstone, you can then move back into the Bottomless mags skills you’ve been using.

At this point personally I’d recommend a spec something like this. It should give you a mix of good damage and good survival. A build like this will allow you to use any guns you find. The only gear concern is you’re going to want to always have a high capacity shield on you.

Be aware the web site I linked you to has outdated skill value’s, unfortunately the official skill trees are currently down. So pay attention to the skill names a ignore the values listed on the skills.

I was planning to take SoR after I reach the bottom of bottomless mag tree. Guess I have to reverse it now.
Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

This might be helpful: Theory: Immortal AFK Moze [confirmed]

Thanks. I’ll have a look

Get urself a big boom blaster :3
Also works fine with 1 hp :wink: