Need help from a tech guru, finding wireless drivers

Bro got a laptop the other day. It had windows 10 on it which I immediatly replaced with windows 7. Problem is I seem to have lost the wireless drivers to it and I have been unsucessful in finding a way to fix it. If anyone out there could help me figure this out I would greatly apperciate it

The computer is a Asus X555YA-DB84Q. OS is windows 7 ultimate x64 bit.

This might be the file you’re looking for. If not, check out ASUS’s driver page for the Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application one. You’ll want to select Windows 8.1 as your OS.

Thank you very much. Nets working fine now. Side note, do you have any idea why a usb port may not be working as intended? I can plug things into it to charge but not use. For example I tried using a mouse on the 2 of the usb ports on the left side of the computer but it wont work but plugging a phone charger in confirms that is some power going to it at least. (the right side usb seems to work as intended.

Unofficial version of Windows, huh? :wink: