Need help gearing up my Zerker to do OP levels

Hey all, I just got my Gunzerker to 72 a week ago but all I have for gear is a 30 Impaler, a 30 purple transfusion grenade, a 17 relic (which one it is specifically, I forget off the top of my head), a 17 class mod, a 72 blue bandit machine gun, 72 shock tattler, a 50 aggressive Slagga, a 56 corrosive Consummate Plasma Caster, and a 30 slag Stinger. If anyone has 72 gear (and even wants to run through my OPs with me, maybe get a group going), I’d greaaatly appreciate any help you guys can offer. Sure I could get a party going of OP 8s and have them do the work for me, but there’d be no fun in it and I always did enjoy doing the OPs back on the PS3 days. I don’t need a loot drop or anything extensive like that, I’ve narrowed down what I need to make it easier.

If anyone has at 72…

  • a slag and a fire DVA Stinger
  • a Binary Grog Nozzle (preferably binary, but any kind works)
  • Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
  • slag Severe Kitten
  • Nasty Ogre
  • Casual Swordsplosion
  • Akurate Slagga
  • a slag and a non-elemental Conference Call
  • Heart Breaker
  • Evolution
  • Rough Rider
    (Class Mods)
  • Legendary Hoarder
  • Blood of Terramorphous
  • Captain Blade’s Otto Idol
  • Longbow Slag Crossfire
  • Longbow Breath of Terramorphous
  • Longbow Meteor Shower
  • Longbow Quasar

Thanks guys, much appreciated. My PSN is DoctorPlatypus90

I have 3 those of level 72 you need. the DPUH, grog nozzle. even a level 72 bee shield and sham, also all 72-0P8 bee shields and DPUH. Also other level 72s not mentioned here.

that would be great! the DPUH is at the top of my list haha, so that helps immensely. I’m sure the unmentioned 72’s will help out a lot as well. Thank you so much